Pistachos de La Mancha has the widest range of pistachios in the market. There is a pistachio for every taste or moment. All of them are processed following the tradition and the highest quality controls.

Roasted Salted Pistachio

Our roasted pistachio nuts, with all their healthy qualities and their energy supply, are the best snack for any moment of the day.
Roasted Pistachio without Salt

It is the most tradicional version of pistachio without salt. Recommended for people who prefer to enjoy the roasted taste by itself.
Repeeled Raw Pistachio

The most authentic taste of pistachio. It can be eaten as it is, and it could be also used for dressing salads, soups, and topping for desserts.
Repeeled Pistachio

From the Larnaka variety, free of any kind of outer layer or skin. Especially to decorate food dishes and cakes.
Caramelized Pistachio

Pistachio covered with caramel. Ideal for people who love the sweetness of caramel.
Chocolated Pistachio

It consists of two layers. The first layer is covered by caramel, and the second, it is covered by dark and bright chocolate. Especially chosen by adults.
Pistachio Flour

Green flour used to decorate cakes, tarts, and deep fries. Mixed with wheat flour can be ideal for making bread and sponge cakes.
Pistachio Extra Virgin Oil

It is the highest and the most refined quality of pistachio oil. Its purest taste makes it suitable for all palates. Highly recommended for dressing salads, fish and meat dishes, and it can be also used as stimulating aromatic oil.
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